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ServiceCorporate sound, motion graphics, spot soundtracks


When they were first introduced in 1976, GORE-TEX textiles were the first materials that were waterproof and windproof, but that were also breathable, allowing perspiration vapor to pass through. This technology made this classic »ingredient brand« famous the world over. Today it is an indispensable part of outdoor fashion.

In 2014, GORE-TEX decided to translate its brand experience and brand promise, »Guaranteed to keep you dry«, into sound.

why do birds started the GORE-TEX audio branding process with a cross-functional workshop. The resulting acoustic vision, »Be one with yourself«, was then translated into brand sound. In just two seconds, the sonic logo tells the story of how GORE-TEX creates the feeling of being “completely one with yourself”.

The GORE-TEX sound is one of nature. Its rhythm is based on the pace of running steps. Fresh air and breathing play a prominent role in the brand sound.

For the winter 2014/2015 season, why do birds created the soundtrack for a number of different product and brand spots for a global TV, cinema, and online campaign.

  • ADC Award 2017 – Bronze