Alexander Wodrich

    Alexander Wodrich is the founder of why do birds. After finishing his degree in business, Alexander Wodrich started his career at Wundermann, an agency in Frankfurt. He went on to work as a brand consultant for MetaDesign, where he advised clients such as Audi, DHL, eBay, Allianz, and Lufthansa. In 2007 he became the head of sound branding and a member of the management board. He is also a lecturer at a number of universities, as well as a frequent speaker at conferences. In his free time he is a musician and composer.

    Daniela Hensel

    Since 2008 Daniela Hensel has been a professor for corporate and editorial design at the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. Before that she worked as creative director at the agency Realgestalt (formerly Schindler Parent Identity) and as senior designer at MetaDesign for clients such as Daimler, Boehringer Ingelheim, Cosmos Direct, and the Berlinale Film Festival. The second edition of her 2015 book “Understanding Branding: Strategie- und Designprozesse verstehen und anwenden” was published in May 2016.

    Jennifer Stinglwagner

    Jennifer Stinglwagner studied Economics and Law and wrote her master thesis on “International Audio Branding”. Before joining why do birds as project manager in 2016, she worked for the digital marketing agency 77 Agency in Riga. Jennifer has a strong passion for music, played the cello in various orchestras and sang in several ensembles. She is also fluent in five languages.
  • Creative Director

    Leopold Hoepner

    Leo has been a member of the team since 2011 and has since held the creative direction of important audio branding projects such as Siemens, Hyundai or DiDi Chuxing. His creative excellence has earned him numerous red dot, Transform and REBRAND creative awards. In addition to a degree in communication design with honors, he has a musical career with international awards behind him.

    Holger Schuhmann

    From day one, Holger has been a composer and producer at why do birds. For over 10 years he has been producing music and developing sound designs for brands such as Telefónica, Megafon and Volkswagen. The sound magician is one half of the electropop duo Capsule, as well as producer and founding member of Torpedo Boyz, an award-winning dancefloor project that has released five LPs.

    Johannes Lehniger

    Johannes has been in the team from the very beginning and has created award-winning work for clients such as GORE-TEX and GENESIS. In addition to branding work, he produces film music (e.g. Tatort) and plays for various bands in Berlin. His soundtrack to the film Tore Tanzt was also nominated for the renowned „Deutscher Filmpreise“.
  • Head of Motion Design

    Jan Marius Bansche

    Marius joined the team in 2010. He has a degree in communication design with honor. His core competence is the interface of image and sound. His projects include animations for UFA, explanatory films for Deutsche Bahn and motion branding for energy supplier EWE. Since 2013 he has taught motion design at the HTW Berlin.
  • Motion & Graphic Designer

    Carla Stock

    Before studying communication design, Carla completed an apprenticeship as a media designer for digital and print with a focus on UI/UX design. At why do birds she works on motion graphics projects for clients such as Volkswagen, Huawei and the German energy supplier EWE. Since 2018 she has been a lecturer for experimental motion design and creative processes at the HTW Berlin.
  • Motion Designer

    Henning Bauschulte

    Henning is very experienced in motion design and film. He studied communication design at the HTW Berlin and worked at why do birds on projects for Volkswagen, Lidl and Siemens Healthineers. Before joining the team, he gained experience as a designer at wirDesign communications.
  • Motion & Graphic Designer

    Beatrice Sala

    Before coming to Berlin, Beatrice completed a bachelor's degree in graphic design and art direction in Milan, and a master's degree in design in New York. She is currently assisting us in the area of graphic and motion design. Before working with why do birds, Bea worked as a freelancer and for an art gallery.
  • Sound Director

    Sebastian Waschulewski

    Before joining why do birds in 2017, Sebastian was sound director at MetaDesign, WESOUND and Jung von Matt. He holds a master's degree in acoustic communication and is professor of brand experience at the HDPK Berlin. He worked on the music strategy for Vodafone, on electro-acoustic concepts for Volkswagen showrooms and on the sound production of the Hyundai Pavilion at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games.
  • Project Manager

    Moritz Hoffmann

    Moritz studied audiovisual media at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. Before joining why do birds in 2018, he gained experience in motion design and event management at the agency jangled nerves. In the team, he manages the interface between creation and clients and worked on projects for Deutsche Bahn and MAN ES.

    Márton Salomváry

    As a full stack web engineer, Martón is responsible for the development of audio software. Before joining why do birds as product manager, he worked at Soundcloud for 5 years, where he was responsible for various projects. He studied computer science and Cisco CCNA at Óbuda University in Budapest, Hungary.
  • Software Engineer

    Antoine Nivet

    Our software engineer Antoine studied web development in Paris. His many years of experience as a developer are rounded off by his activities as a musician, producer and DJ. With his versatile knowledge he is a perfect match to our interdisciplinary team.
  • Motion & Graphic Designer

    Stefanie Voss

    Before completing her bachelor's degree in communication design in 2017, Stefanie completed an apprenticeship as a media designer with a focus on print. Her areas of specialization are information graphics, data visualization and motion design. At why do birds she has worked on motion design projects for Dätwyler, GORE-TEX and DiDi Chuxing. She teaches motion design and creative processes at the HTW Berlin.
  • Service Designer

    André Schiffner

    Service designer André has been working on Deutsche Bahn’s customer telephone service for the last 3 years. He gets deep into the details of a project. The Bachelor graduate from HTW Berlin has also worked as a communications designer for agencies such as MetaDesign.
  • Consultant

    Georg Spehr

    In recent years, Georg Spehr has worked on a number of projects with why do birds. He is a trained communications technician and multimedia designer and has been working as an independent acoustic and multimedia designer for over 15 years. He was a lecturer in the master program of „sound studies“ at the UdK Berlin and published the book "Funktionale Klänge. Hörbare Daten, klingende Geräte und gestaltete Hörerfahrungen" in 2009.

    Sebastian Damerius

    Our music production mastermind Sebastian graduated from Bauhaus University Weimar in 2007. Since 2015 he has been a member of the why do birds team and has been involved in audio branding processes for Siemens, MAN Energy Solutions and Hyundai. He is also a popular DJ and solo artist. His celebrated album "The great escape" was released in 2016 on Sonarkollektiv.
  • Team Assistant

    Nils Kottmann

    With his passion for music and audiovisual media, as well as many years of experience as Head of Office MGMT, Nils is the perfect team assistant for our colourful team - an all-rounder with the necessary courage for this undertaking
  • Mastering Engineer

    Peter Funke

    Peter is an experienced mastering engineer with a degree in jazz and popular music from the Konservatorium Franz Liszt in Weimar. He was a senior sound engineer at Trixx Studios in Berlin and conducted recordings with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra and the award-winning music for "The Transparent Woman". His clients include artists such as Tracey Thorn (Everything but the Girl) and Max Richter.
  • Sound Designer

    Matthias Spreng

    Matthias recently completed his master's degree in sound studies at the UdK Berlin. During his studies he worked as a musician, sound designer and software engineer for projects like Genesis and Lidl.
  • Intern Sound Production

    Olimpio Petri

    Olimpio supports our producers in composition and sound design. He was musically socialized through choral music and is currently studying audio design. Over the past two years, he has worked on various film scores devotes himself to his solo project ODNP in his spare time.
  • Intern Project Management

    Sebastian Jautschus

    Sebastian studied film scoring and production composition, as well as social and business communication and is here to supports us in project management. Previously, he gained experience in a social media startup and a graphic design agency. He has also co-composed a number one hit.
  • working student development

    Adam Froghyar

    Adam studies audio communication and technology with a focus on digital signal processing and machine learning at the TU Berlin. He supports why do birds as a working student in the areas of front-end and AI. Besides his studies Adam is also a music-lover and works as a solo artist, DJ and producer.

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