Axel Springer

Launch May 2019  |  Partner superunion

LaunchMay 2019

In recent years Axel Springer Verlag has not only transformed itself into Europe’s leading digital publisher, but into a global media and technology company that generates the majority of its revenues not from journalism, but from digital services.

In order to do justice to this, Axel Springer repositioned itself in 2019 with a new corporate design and corporate sound.

superunion from Berlin was responsible for the new corporate design. For the creation of the corporate sound, they turned to why do birds.

The first application of animation and sound logo was a brand staging film to present the new positioning and the new design. The radicality and speed of the design should also define the film.

The brand staging film:

At the same time a story should be told. Namely the story of the entrepreneur Axel Springer, the start-up founder of the 40s. So we were dealing with the themes of heritage, start-up, speed, design, journalism and digitality.

To capture the content and acoustics of the themes, we used a quotation from Axel Springer, analyzed it for rhythm and speech melody, and reinterpreted the individual elements on the drums.

The drums are the dominant element of sound branding. Its speed, conciseness, and intensity are reflected both in journalism and in the new digital portals of the Axel Springer portfolio – and are also symbolic of the Group’s rapid and determined growth policy.

The resulting rhythm is unpredictable and adaptive; depending on the content and the desired speech melody, speed, timing and the entire structure can change permanently and freely – entirely in line with the new claim: “Empowering free decisions”.

  • International Sound Award 2019 – Grand Prix
  • ADC Award 2020 – Bronze