Launch 2014  |  Service Corporate sound, motion graphics

ServiceCorporate sound, motion graphics

Burkhardtsmaier is the high-tech crafter of ultimate audio systems that set a new global benchmark in authentic music experience. The company’s aim is the lossless extraction of every bit of sound information from a medium, and its unadulterated transmission to the human ear – thus turning the »essence of sound« into an experience.

In Januar 2014 why do birds was contracted to translate this experience into a soundlogo.

We interpret The Essence of Sound as what is concealed in a tone – what gives it its aura. And that’s where the creative core of our audio translation is found: in the individual overtones of a note that is played.

In addition to the soundlogo, why do birds also composed the Burkhardtsmaier Symphony: a »B« note that is passed on from one instrument to the next.

  • Transform Award Europe 2015 in GOLD

“A beautiful case study with very clear strategic positioning which demonstrates the final execution. This brand has nailed this category. The strategic approach is clear and links beautifully not only to the sonics produced but also shows a clear thread with the visual identity.”

  • ADC Award 2015 in Bronze


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