Deutsche Bahn

Launch 2014  |  Service Corporate Sound, Motion Graphics, Spot Soundtracks

ServiceCorporate Sound, Motion Graphics, Spot Soundtracks

In a comprehensive strategic audio branding process that included an audit, several workshops, strategy development, soundmoods, and production, the agency why do birds created an integrated sonic brand identity for Deutsche Bahn.

»For many years now we’ve been working to ensure a consistent look and feel for Deutsche Bahn. Creating a DB sound in the same way is the logical next step«, said Karsten Henze, head of CI/CD and creation at Deutsche Bahn.

The audio branding concept is based on a rhythm that is unique and easily recognizable, and that will be incorporated into all Deutsche Bahn sound media in the future. The »D« and »B« notes, which translate the word mark directly into sound, also feature prominently in the soundlogo.

In addition to a soundlogo and brand music, why do birds also produced music for campaigns and online films, ringtones, a music library, and an animated film explaining the DB corporate sound.

And 2015 will see the company-wide implementation of the brand music and brand voice in the DB telephone systems.

  • Red Dot Design Award 2014
  • German Design Award Winner, Gold, 2015
  • Transform Europe Award, Silver, 2015