DiDi Chuxing

Launch 2016  |  Service App Sound, Sound Logo

ServiceApp Sound, Sound Logo

DiDi Chuxing is a major ride-sharing company, providing transportation services for close to 400 million users across over 400 cities in China, estimated to be worth over 50 billion US-Dollars.

DiDi recently unveiled the latest version of its popular mobile app. Complete with a sleeker look and refreshed user interface, the new build also came with another surprise – a new notification sound that greets users when they book a ride.

why do birds and MetaDesign developed the audio concept together.

We are extremely proud of our work with DiDi, and look forward to this logo being played all over China more than 20 million times per day.

The process began with a management workshop, clarifying the company’s vision, values, and future development. With the foundation set, we worked with the internal teams to identify core brand messages and bring them to life through sound.

Inspired by the rhythm of urban life, the new soundscape features a short flurry of staccato strings that crescendo into two quick rings of the triangle, used here to mimic the car horn from which DiDi takes its name. And though just three seconds long, this signature creates a powerful and memorable connection with riders – ensuring that they no longer need to rely upon on-screen notifications to know that they have successfully secured a ride. Cheery, playful, and undeniably catchy, the melody stays with you even after you reach your destination, proving that with DiDi, every arrival is just the beginning of another journey yet to come.

With Didi’s recent global expansions the arrival sound can now be heard in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mexico and Japan.

We never imagined that a jingle so short could create such a strong and impressive connection with our users. Now embedded in our new app, this new sound signature uses its catchy and refreshing melody to disrupt the chaos that can often come from city living. Energizing and inspiring, you never get tired of it!”
Ms. Jean Liu, President of DiDi Chuxing