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ServiceStrategy, Corporate Sound, Soundtrack

why do birds has been the global Audio Branding agency for Hyundai Motor Company since 2015. After the successful implementation of the Hyundai brand sound in 2017, why do birds was commissioned to develop a similarly comprehensive 360° brand sound for the Group’s luxury brand “Genesis”.

The goal of the project was to find the perfect audio translation of the brand personality and create a musical DNA that sets the brand apart from its competitors.

The brand’s creative expression “Quietly Iconic” is especially valid in the audio identity. The sound doesn’t need speed or volume – it is gentle, but distinct and confident with a firm composition. It demonstrates a “sense of being and not competing”, very “focused” and not “driven”. It shows an understated expression of elegance.

To demonstrate the feeling of luxury, it was essential to give the Genesis music space. We let sounds vibrate and gave them reverb and room to breathe. Classical instruments like a Cello, which is also the lead-instrument of the sound logo underline the brand’s premium character.

The Korean heritage is conveyed by a distinct rhythm, inspired by the traditional Jangu-drum, which is also picked up in the 5-note leitmotif and the sonic logo. The rhythm is unusual, dynamic and reflects the independent-minded character of the brand.

For the first time, explicit guidelines support marketing departments and agencies in implementing the new sound, ensuring global consistency while reducing costs to create new music.

In 2018 the Genesis sound was awarded a Red Dot Best of the Best Award.

We are honored to be selected by the esteemed Red Dot Design panel for the Genesis Sound, which is only one initial steps for our full design transformation. Genesis design, in all its forms, will continue to pave the way forward.
Manfred Fitzgerald, executive vice president and global head of the Genesis Brand

  • Red Dot Award 2018 – Best of the Best
  • Transform Award Asia Pacific 2018, Nominee