Launch 2016  |  Service Strategy, Corporate Sound, Spot Soundtrack

ServiceStrategy, Corporate Sound, Spot Soundtrack

Why do birds is the new global lead agency for Hyundai sound branding. Following a pitch, why do birds developed a holistic sound concept that extends across all Hyundai media and sound applications.

The new sound and visual appearance translates the Hyundai brand strategy into a consistent and uniform brand experience. The brand claim, making modern mobility available for everyone, informs the foundation of all future branding. The fundamental, simple things in life are at the center of the new positioning. As a result, the brand expression will focus on the essentials. The presentation is restrained but self-assured with vibrant details.

In October 2016 at the Paris Motor Show, the sound was presented to the public for the first time. Hyundai orchestrated its new natural brand acoustic in the form of promotional film soundtracks, staging music and vehicle unveiling sounds.

The new sound logo – a simple, ascending 6-tone sequence – will ultimately inform all audiovisual media at Hyundai. It symbolizes a reduction to the essentials, and through its clear, bright timbre and open, sustained ending, the dynamic and positive outlook to the future that Hyundai constantly reinvents.

The “Hyundai Sound Universe” will be consistently implemented from 2017 across all auditory brand communication channels – within the car in the form of welcome and warning tones, in the showroom with varying soundscapes, in promotional films and commercials with soundtracks, at trade fairs and events with trailers and music playlists, and in the music in phone waiting loops.

Guidelines provide marketing professionals and agencies worldwide with guidance on how to implement the new sound.

Wonhong Cho, global CMO and Executive Vice President at Hyundai, said: “It is our ambition and our brand promise to make modern mobility available to everyone. To convey this attitude even clearer, why do birds have completely revitalized our sound branding. We are more than satisfied with the result: beyond the sound logo, we will employ a variety of other sound elements consistently all over the world. This underlines the fact that our brand promise is universal, and that our customers can rely on the same brand experience regardless of where they are.”

  • Transform Award Asia Pacific 2017 – Gold
  • International Sound Awards 2017 – Winner
  • Red Dot Award 2017 – Best of the Best