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LaunchJuly 2019
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The Story

Volkswagen was one of the first western car manufacturers to become active in China. Together with the Chinese FAW Group they built the FAW-Volkswagen joint-venture in 1991.

Until today, they’ve sold over 10 million vehicles. And it all started with the JETTA.


When the JETTA first arrived in China over 25 years ago, it was greeted by a generation of drivers eager to embrace a new era of prosperity. Immediately, it was recognized in the market as something different – a car built with reliable German engineering but manufactured in China. Its affordable price meant it provided Chinese drivers with the chance to explore new freedoms and possibilities.



The Challenge

Now with the launch of JETTA as an independent sub-brand of FAW-Volkswagen the challenge lay in revitalizing the spirit of its pioneering days and renewing the promise of an optimistic future and a life of freedom.


Our Approach

We created a sound for a young generation that has entered their first jobs and is on the verge of starting a family. It reflects a modern lifestyle with an optimistic outlook and demonstrates proximity and a human spirit.


The Signature Graphic

The parallel lines reflect the long history and proud partnership of FAW-VW and Volkswagen, opening to a new generation of first time car buyers.

This ear-catching element runs through the music of Jetta.


The Sound Logo

The sound logo is fresh, opens up and catapults the listener directly into the future of mobility. It stands out pleasantly from the sounds of the competition.

  • Red Dot Award 2019: Winner