Launch 2017  |  Service Strategy, Corporate Sound, Spot Soundtrack

ServiceStrategy, Corporate Sound, Spot Soundtrack

Under the brand claim “Ingenuity for life”, Siemens has joined forces with why do birds to develop a new brand sound. Society and people are the focus of the brand positioning, and the new brand sound combines both worlds: the engineering and inventor spirit “Ingenuity”, and the customer benefit, “life”. The sound is part of the holistic approach of the Siemens brand, which is also a pioneer at employing audio in branding.

The new sound identity brings the Siemens brand to life acoustically, and creates an emotional experience. It expresses the transition and progress from analogue to digital that shapes both the Siemens company as well as the living world of people for which the Siemens brand exists. The brand sound is now available in all media, from image films to ringtones, web videos, TV spots and online advertising.

Adam Cockill, Head of Branding & Identity at Siemens, said:
“The Siemens brand is shaped by our business fields of electrification, automation and digitization, but also through our company history. Finding the right balance here was an exciting task. Together with why do birds, we have succeeded in implementing a new brand acoustic. The result is a sound identity that perfectly fits the people and the themes of the company and has a high degree of recognition.”

Alexander Wodrich, Managing Director of why do birds, added:
“A core idea when conceiving the new Siemens sounds was to tonally translate the most striking element of the Siemens visual brand expression, the “Dynamic Petrol” color gradient. For this purpose, we have used classical instruments that slowly change to a synthetic sound. This progression represents the continual change in the company.”

  • REBRAND Award 2018
  • Transform Award Europe 2018, Gold
  • Gute Gestaltung Award 2018 – Bronze
  • International Sound Awards 2017 – Gold
  • German Design Award 2017 – Winner