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ServiceCorporate Sound

Siemens Enterprise Communications is a leading provider of innovative corporate communications solutions.

In the autumn of 2010 why do birds was contracted to conduct a brand clarification workshop.

During this workshop, the terms »curious« and »self-confident« crystallized, and were then incorporated into the Siemens Enterprise Communications brand core and brand sound produced later.

why do birds developed a distinctive sonic environment for both terms. In 2011 it was implemented into the telephone conferencing systems for Siemens Enterprise Communications worldwide.

  • Siemens Enterprise Communications: Curious:

  • Siemens Enterprise Communications: Self-confident:

In a further phase, the brand music from 2012 was adapted into myriad variations and remixes as a music bed for around 100 product films.

Alexander de Werth, global brand manager at Siemens Enterprise Communications, said:

»When we were looking for a unique acoustic expression for Siemens Enterprise Communications, it was important for us to consider the Siemens AG sonic identity and to merge it with the special characteristics of our brand’s tone. The result shows the perfect fusion of two directions into one unified on-brand sound.«