Siemens Healthineers – Audio Branding

Launch 2019  |  Leistung Strategie, Corporate Sound, Gesundheitsmusik, Event Sound, Audio Software

LeistungStrategie, Corporate Sound, Gesundheitsmusik, Event Sound, Audio Software

As part of their strategy 2025, Siemens Healthineers wanted to move from the healthcare segment to the medtech segment. This also meant a shift to a high value, premium positioning. A holistic re-branding process, including an audio expression for the brand needed to be developed.

The new visual brand design has a strong impact on the perception of the Siemens Healthineers brand. A sound was sought that would best translate this design.

Dot Pulse

One distinct design element is the “dot pulse” – a series of points whose distances grow from point to point. In musical terms we took the distances between the dots and applied them for the dimension of rhythm, horizontically and pitch, vertically. By mirroring the scale, we created a figure that is especially attention-grabbing. 

  • Dot-Pulse:

Sound Logo

For the Sound Logo the word mark was pictured on a piano by playing every letter of the name “Healthineers” that has a corresponding piano-key. The letters that have no corresponding musical notes were turned into a digital heartbeat. The figurative mark of 9 dots is represented by a forward-moving, triplet beat. 


An entire package of sound files devoted to events was created – containing pre-event music, music for going on stage, a soundscape for pauses and a gong to grab people’s attention, signaling the start of a new chapter.

  • Gong:


To boost a personal connection to the brand, a series of ringtones, available to all employees was produced. 

  • Ringtone:


Next to the coverage of all main audio touchpoints like the telephone on-hold lines, product videos on social media channels and the brand’s expression at the Siemens Healthineers Experience Center, a piece of health-oriented music that improves the customer’s experience and leads to relaxation, mindfulness and stress-relief has been developed. 

  • Healthmusic:


A complete technological innovation was the introduction of an easy-to-use software that allows employees to produce their own on-brand soundtracks, ensuring consistency and brand recognition.

Catarina Tagmark, Vice President Brand Strategy & Identity:

“The result is overwhelming. There was nothing but enthusiasm at the global Siemens Healthineers communications conference.”

Statement of the jury (Red Dot Grad Prix 2020) 

“The corporate sound concept for Siemens Healthineers impresses with its unique and holistic acoustic appeal in that it pushes the boundaries to set new standards in the field of corporate sound design. It integrates excellently into the brand architecture and has been implemented to creative, professional and emotionally convincing effect. Particularly noteworthy is the sound element inspired by the dot matrix of the logo with its forward dribbling beat.”


Statement of the jury (International Sound Award Winner 2020)

“This is one of the most thoughtful and national sonic branding explorations, that I have ever seen and heard. It is incredibly involved and relevant. One thing I’d like to see for med tech in the future is the implementation in their hardware feedback. Sonic brands are great, but we thinking the sound of healthcare is a greater challenge.”