why do birds develops design solutions for brands. We are strategists, facilitators and designers. We think in terms of stories, pictures, motion, and sound. A brand is a living cosmos – that’s why we turn brands into a living experience for all the senses.

Design doesn’t happen by accident; it is the expression of an identity and a vital strategic instrument. That’s why we want to thoroughly understand companies and the challenges they face. We achieve that understanding in direct exchange with our clients, and develop our best design solutions in an atmosphere of trust and collaborative partnership.


Our strategic approach


We want our clients to understand our offer so we try to spare the gobbledygook whenever possible  and take time to explain all steps.


This is where we lay the foundation for a common understanding of the issues and tasks at hand. We conduct a workshop with the company’s decision-makers to define the message and lay the strategic foundation for the design process.


Based on the results of the first phase, we define targets, tasks, and decision criteria. Then we plan the steps needed to reach those targets.


This is where we find the creative vision that best expresses the target. This vision gives birth to the applications that follow.


Based on the creative vision we then design applications. If needed, we also write design guidelines and train staff in working with the design.


Our Clients

  • UFA
  • Fritz!
  • Wiener Linien
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Deutsche Unternehmensinitiative Energieeffizienz
  • WWF
  • Forest Carbon Group
  • Kaldewei
  • IHK-BZ Dresden

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