Robert Blum Gymnasium

Launch 2009  |  Service Strategy, Corporate Design

ServiceStrategy, Corporate Design

Robert Blum Gymnasium (a university preparatory high school) in the Berlin borough of Schöneberg is facing increasing competition. The large number of immigrant students from many different countries makes some interested parents skeptical. But the school has a wealth of successes and achievements to show, and was looking for ways to communicate that effectively.

In a participative design process that lasted nearly one year, we worked with one of the school’s teachers, Christian Heidkam, and a student workgroup he founded to develop a new look and feel for Robert Blum Gymnasium. It was based on the vision: »Each individual makes up the whole.«

The corporate design was selected from among three different design approaches by the school conference made up of consisting of parents, students, and teachers.

The design result is a flexible system that shows in a simple way the integration of each individual student and his or her identification with the school.