Launch 2017-2019  |  Partner kleiner&bold


A motion identity that makes implementation easy for all users – with the greatest possible flexibility and consistency.



EWE is the largest energy supplier in Northern Germany and the fifth largest electricity supplier in Germany. For many years, they have successfully linked the energy, telecommunications and IT business areas – with a strong focus on renewable energies and state-of-the-art technologies for regional expansion in northern Germany.

As part of its new corporate design, EWE, supported by kleiner&bold, has decided to tackle the subject of branding more comprehensively and in a more contemporary way. With audio branding and motion branding.

For the appearance of the brand in moving images and the continued definition of movement behaviour in all media, we first analysed the new corporate design.

The main task here was to stage the prominent design element – the Glow – and to use it as the main element of the animation.

The Glow elements represent both the energy and the data packages that EWE supplies to its customers. In motion branding, the Glow becomes a lighting element that can be laid over existing images over a large area, thus meeting the diverse requirements of a moving identity. These range from flexibility in film selection to variance in duration and speed.

But we didn’t want to leave it at static ready-to-use applications – the biggest hurdle with pre-produced animation is that it has to be used in practice. Be it commercials, image films or internally produced Youtube clips. It must always be ensured that all users can use the templates, that there is a certain degree of creative freedom and that the defined look is retained.

In order to guarantee this, we have created interactive templates for all applications whose content changes – for example, waistbands or title charts.

But we wanted to give even more creative freedom. That’s why we programmed an after-effects template for the animated background that makes it possible to change many of the parameters of the flowing glows – so different moods can be created without ever leaving the EWE look.

In this way we create a perfect balance of effect, consistency and flexibility – which is only possible in motion branding.

In addition, we have derived principles for future applications from the existing elements and summarized them in an interactive motion guideline that is available online.


EWE Motion Branding in conjunction with EWE Audio Branding creates a strong audio-visual identity that presents EWE as an emotional and flexible brand in all media.