21. Dec 2021

Shortlisted – Transform Award Europe 2022

10. Dec 2021

Syngenta Group Global Orchestra

As the world’s leading agricultural technology company and innovator, the Syngenta Group’s work is still deeply rooted in nature.

We have created a unique sound for them, that is inspired by the four seasons, that are crucial to all farmers in the world.

To let all employees experience this new sound and to let them connect to it, we came up with the idea of bringing them all together in one Global Orchestra.

After breaking down the music into notes and play-alongs, more that 120 employees participated and sent in their interpretations of the piece on various instruments that we could then arrange to form the Syngenta Group Global Orchestra Suite.

25. Oct 2021

EWE Audio Branding

We’ve been working for our client EWE AG – active in the fields of electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, and information technology – since 2016. They have just refreshed their visual identity which also led to an update of their audio identity on which we at why do birds have worked on for the past 12 months. Check out their new brand movie with our brand sound here. Credits for the film go to Syndicate Design AG. Thanks to all involved Michael Schimming Christine Tapken Nils Brönstrup Jörg Hammermeister Magdalena Bauer

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25. Oct 2021

Musical Thinking: The Design of the Sonic Experience

‘Musical Thinking: The Design of the Sonic Experience’ is next up in Center for Design Conversation Series. A panel including sonic artist and ecology designer Mileece, head research director of IRCAM Nicolas Misdariis, and Alexander Wodrich CEO and founder of why do birds, will look at what is unique to musical thinking and what, instead, sound design has in common with other design methods. Sara Lenzi is a research scientist at the Center for Design and Deirdre Loughridge of Northeastern University‘s Department of Music are the event’s curators.

Sign up and tune into this event next Friday, 10/29.

20. Aug 2021

Syngenta Group – Audio Branding

This year, we worked on a holistic audio branding for Syngenta Group and Syngenta Group China.

With the new sound identity, we are bringing all Syngenta Group brands together to create a truly global sound – with the story of growth, nature and a better, greener, healthier world at its heart. The process culminated in a brand sound launch, where employees were asked to contribute to a version of the brand music.

“This is the next big step in Syngenta Group’s global brand identity,” said Sven Fritzsche, Head of Brand, Partnerships and Digital at the company, who led the project. “To provide a comprehensive experience, you need to engage all the senses. We’ve now added sound.”

The audio branding project won the 2021 Red Dot Award.

Kunde: Syngenta Gruppe
Audio Branding Agentur: why do birds, Deutschland
Strategie-Agentur: Globeone, Schweiz
Event-Agentur: Pacific Entertainment, Deutschland

20. Aug 2021

We need bass!

Sounds play a central role in people’s lives. In marketing, acoustic signals can be used for customer control.

How this works explain:

*Key Note Prof. Dr. Thomas Jendrosch, WIPSY – Institute for Business Psychology, who will also moderate the evening.
*Alex Wodrich, Managing Director Why do birds, Agency for Audio Branding, Motion Design, Service Design
*Marc Bohn, Event Manager (Studioscene) and Editor-in-Chief (Sound&Recording), Ebner Media Group

07.10.2021 // 18:30 – 21:30 hrs.

More info: marketing-club.net


24. Jun 2021

Transform Award Europe Winner

Our audio branding for Rohde & Schwarz receives the “Winner: Silver” award from Transform Award Europe.

We thank the jury and congratulate all winners on their awards!

#AudioBranding #TransformAwards #winner

15. Jun 2021

The Sound of the CUPRA BORN

For the past 18 months we and our project partners from Kling Klang Klong have been working with SEAT and CUPRA on their electric vehicle sound (AVAS), creating “engine”-sounds that tell the story of the brand. What a ride it’s been, and what a fantastic sounding result! This CUPRA Podcast is dedicated to the topic.

Learn more at the CUPRA Podcast on Spotify:

#whydobirds #soundbranding #audiobranding #automotive #AVAS #electricdrive #SEAT #Cupra

15. Jun 2021

German Brand Award for Union Investment

As audio branding specialists, we were able to contribute a part to the new corporate identity developed by Peter Schmidt Group and we are very proud of the the German Brand Award!

Congratulations to all involved.

#audiobranding #germanbrandaward #peterschmidtgroup

10. May 2021

Healthcare Marketing Interview

The current edition of “Healthcare Marketing” is dedicated to Audio Branding for healthcare brands. Our managing director Alexander Wodrich was interviewed with 5 questions on the topic:
1. Why is it worthwhile for companies to use sound elements as part of brand management?
2 What do companies have to pay attention to so that sound becomes part of the brand DNA and provides added value? What do you achieve with a brand-typical sound image with your target group?
3. What elements are a must for a brand’s audio business card?
4. How can brand values be expressed in sound?
5. To what extent have healthcare and pharmaceutical companies recognized the importance of audio brand management? What are the opportunities and challenges specifically in this industry?