10. Apr 2019

Stage Videos for MAYBEBOP

For Germany’s leading A-Cappella quartet “MAYBEBOP”, “why do birds” conceived and produced the stage videos for the recently started tour. A lot of effort and detail work that paid off. The tour starts furiously, as the Berlin Morgenpost states!


9. Apr 2019

why do birds on the MR WOLF RECAP SUNDAY podcast

Alexander Wodrich was invited to a MR WOLF Recap Sunday Podcast interview.

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8. Apr 2019

why do birds in the W&V Magazine

German Marketing Magazine W&V has a few articles on Audio and Audio Branding in its current issue. One of them features why do birds.

3. Apr 2019

“Hello, Audio!” Podcast

The lovely people around Amélie Gangé and Helen Meyer from THE VENUE Berlin invited us to join their “Hello, Audio!” podcast series to discuss “The Future of Sonic Branding and Marketing” with some sound experts from Berlin.

Check out the podcast here:


3. Apr 2019

All about Voice

Alexander Wodrich was invited to discuss “Audio Branding and Sound Identities in times of Voice Assistants” on 169 Lab’s podcast series “All about voice”.

In episode 14 he talks with Tim Kahle of 169 Labs about the importance of audio branding on smart speakers. Especially in the future, this will play a greater role in staging a brand cross-medially and audiovisually. The credo now is to grow with technology and try things out. Users might still forgive today when brands haven’t found their very own sound yet, but that will change quickly.

Check the podcast episode #14 here:





169 Labs:


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1. Apr 2019

Silver at Transform Awards Europe

We won another award at the “Transform Awards Europe” in London. why do birds were honored for their “MAN Energy Solutions” audio branding project with silver.


18. Mar 2019

Alexa Skill for the insurance company VGH

Together with Future of Voice we’ve produced our first Alexa Skill for the insurance company VGH. It’s a very uselful Yoga-type of Podcast skill, already getting great reviews on Amazon. We are very happy to be gaining experience with voicer services.

Find more informations here.

13. Mar 2019

Intuitive Vehicles Conferenz

Our creative director Leopold Hoepner is speaking about UI/UX-sounds in the automobile sector at the Intuitive Vehicles conference on March 13, 2019 at the Sheraton in Berlin.



14. Feb 2019

The Future of Sonic Branding and Marketing

Alexander Wodrich was invited by THE VENUE Berlin for an after work session on “The Future of Sonic Branding and Marketing” together with colleagues from the Berlin music industry (Jambl, Playtronica and Wesound). More informations can be found here.


30. Jan 2019

why do birds on voice-based services in Contagious magazine

why do birds on voice-based services, in-car sounds and the importance of audio branding in the current issue (#57) of UK’s Contagious magazine.


16. Dec 2018

Interview at the International Sound Award 2018

A short interview at the International Sound Award 2018 in Hamburg with Sebastian and Alex about the winning case “Hyundai Olympic Pavillon”.

11. Dec 2018

Acoustic Staging of the Hyundai Palisade Launch

why do birds was responsible for the acoustic staging of the Hyundai Palisade Launch at the L.A. Auto Show 2018 with Soundscapes, product-unveiling sound and music pieces. Here’s a short snippet.