15. Jun 2021

The Sound of the CUPRA BORN

For the past 18 months we and our project partners from Kling Klang Klong have been working with SEAT and CUPRA on their electric vehicle sound (AVAS), creating “engine”-sounds that tell the story of the brand. What a ride it’s been, and what a fantastic sounding result! This CUPRA Podcast is dedicated to the topic.

Learn more at the CUPRA Podcast on Spotify:

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15. Jun 2021

German Brand Award for Union Investment

As audio branding specialists, we were able to contribute a part to the new corporate identity developed by Peter Schmidt Group and we are very proud of the the German Brand Award!

Congratulations to all involved.

#audiobranding #germanbrandaward #peterschmidtgroup

10. May 2021

Healthcare Marketing Interview

The current edition of “Healthcare Marketing” is dedicated to Audio Branding for healthcare brands. Our managing director Alexander Wodrich was interviewed with 5 questions on the topic:
1. Why is it worthwhile for companies to use sound elements as part of brand management?
2 What do companies have to pay attention to so that sound becomes part of the brand DNA and provides added value? What do you achieve with a brand-typical sound image with your target group?
3. What elements are a must for a brand’s audio business card?
4. How can brand values be expressed in sound?
5. To what extent have healthcare and pharmaceutical companies recognized the importance of audio brand management? What are the opportunities and challenges specifically in this industry?

26. Mar 2021

MusiCurve – Sound Implementation Software

In order to make a brand music easy to implement, we have developed an simple-to-use software tool that allows users to change the intensity of a given brand music piece or adapt it to the dramaturgy of the film to be set to music. The possibilities of intervention in the music are limited, so that the user cannot do anything “wrong” and the result is always high-quality brand music. The target group are employees, social-media departments and designers with little or no knowledge of music software and teams that do not have a budget to hire a sound studio to do the dubbing for a film production.


Interested? Write us a mail at musicurve@whydobirds.de

24. Mar 2021

Hertha BSC – Launch Trailer

we have animated and created the music for the launch trailer of capital city club Hertha BSC. The Bundesliga club has implemented and successfully launched a completely revamped digital offering with a brand new homepage herthabsc.com and its own HerthaTV channel. #HaHoHe #whydobirds #motiondesign #sounddesign

11. Feb 2021

Shortlist – Transfer Award Europe 2021

why do birds is nominated for the Transform Award Europe 2021 in the category Best use of audio brand.

Our work for Rohde & Schwarz is currently being rolled out across all touchpoints of the industry-leading company and is getting great feedback.

We are happy to be competing against many well-known agencies and projects and wish all nominees the best of luck.

15. Dec 2020

New Audio Branding for BVG

For several months, we have been working with BVG and the agency Die Botschaft on a holistic audio branding for all touchpoints of the Berlin public transport company. In addition to new signal tones and a sound logo, the voice is also an important part of BVG’s new sonic brand identity. Philippa Jarke, a native Berliner, prevailed over more than 1000 applicants to become the new voice of BVG. In the last few months, she has recorded over 4200 stations in our studio. She can now be heard on all BVG buses and, from the beginning of 2021, on all BVG streetcars and subways.

David Rollik, Head of BVG Corporate Communications:
“Philippa is a perfect fit for us because she is as distinctive as we are. The voice is the centerpiece of our new corporate sound, which acoustically reflects the diversity of Berlin and with which we want to sound like we appear visually.”

And that’s how the new BVG Voice sounds like:

19. Nov 2020

Rohde & Schwarz Audio Branding

In the past year we worked with “Rohde & Schwarz”, a leading company in measuring technology, based in Munich. The creative process was one of the most inspiring we’ve been involved in. The team had loads of fun translating the company’s key driver “precision” into sound. The Audio Branding implementation is now starting.

17. Nov 2020

Siemens Household Appliances Campaign 2020

why do birds created the Siemens Household Appliances Sound Logo as an adaptation of the “Siemens AG” Sound Logo, translating the brand’s attributes excitement, precision, refinement and confidence into sound. This can be heard in the new “inductionAir Plus” campaign, conceived by Saatchi & Saatchi.