9. Nov 2020

EPOS Audio Summit

Be a part of the EPOS Audio Summit 2020
why do birds managing director Alexander Wodrich will talk about the future of voice and smart speakers especially in the fields of audio branding.
The EPOS Audio Summit 2020 is a four-day virtual event bringing together thought leaders and professionals in the fields of audio, tech, business and research.

Get inspired and informed by keynote speeches on the latest trends in audio technology, the new normal in the modern workplace and how sound excellence can help you achieve more.


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26. Oct 2020

BECHTLE Imagefilm

As Germany’s largest IT system house and one of the leading IT companies in Europe, Bechtle is a strong partner for future-proof IT architectures.

After developing the Audio and Motion Branding why do birds has created in collaboration with WAF.berlin the new image film for BECHTLE.


26. Oct 2020

Most Wanted: Music – Dial-in

why do birds Managing Director Alexander Wodrich on audio branding and audio identity at the Most Wanted: Music – Dial-in.

Beyond creating their own music, musicians put more and more effort into their personal branding, logos, typefaces, photoshoots and artwork. Brands, on the other hand, invest time and budget on the creation of their own audio identity. They use music and sound design to convey their brand personality, to emotionally connect with their target market and to become more recognizable, even when the brand cannot be seen. Alexander Wodrich explains how brands go about this, with or without the help of popular artists.


Tune in on October 27th at MWM-Dial-In Branding in Music Event.

Participants receive a 50% discount on the MW:M online ticket.

23. Oct 2020

Red Dot Award GRAND PRIX – Siemens Healthineers

There is something to celebrate!

Our audio branding for Siemens Healthineers wins a Red Dot GRAND PRIX.

The Grand Prix is the highest award and honours only seven submitted works.

We are very proud of the great result and especially of our team at why do birds, who made this title possible with their work.

Many thanks.


Click here for the case: Siemens Healthineers Audio Branding

Red Dot Award Grand Prix – Siemens Healthineers


23. Oct 2020

Red Dot Award – Axel Springer Audio Branding

This year our audio branding for Axel Springer SE received a Red Dot Design Award in the category Communications.

We are very proud and celebrate together with the team of Superunion who created the corporate design.

The case can be found under Axel Springer Audio Branding.

22. Oct 2020

Sonic Branding in a Voice-First World

Would you have envisioned 25 years ago that on a daily basis you will be conversing with devices powered by artificial intelligence? While synthesized voices are becoming our day-to-day companions, Alexa and Siri are monopolizing the landscape. Alexander will discuss and envision more diverse audio-first futures, that embrace the unique identities of brands.

2. Oct 2020

Effie Award for Payone / Studio One

This year why do birds worked on a holistic audio branding for the Payone brand. The process culminated with the brand Launch in a large-scale interactive industry talk on the Internet: The “Studio One”. why do birds produced all sound assets for the event, from trailer jingles, to the pre-event soundtrack, to stage music and the final titles. Now the Studio One project has won an Effi Award.

24. Sep 2020

Filmmusik aus unserem Studio

Since today pelican blood can be seen in German cinemas.

The drama by director Katrin Gebbe is musically accompanied by our producers Johannes and Comixxx.

18. Sep 2020

International Sound Award 2020 for Siemens Healthineers Audio Branding

why do birds wins the International Sound Award 2020!

The audio branding for Siemens Healthineers convinced the jury:

“This is one of the most thoughtful and rational sonic branding explorations I’ve ever seen and heard. It’s incredibly involved and relevant. One thing I’d like to see from MedTech in the future is the implementation into their hardware feedback. Sonic brands are great, but rethinking the sounds of healthcare is a greater challenge“

We are very happy about this award and would like to thank the International Sound Award and our energetic team at why do birds

The case can be discovered here:

Siemens Healthineers Audio Branding


7. May 2020

“Sound in Marketing” podcast

Alexander Wodrich was interviewed by Jeanna Isham for her “Sound in Marketing” podcast. It features some examples of the Siemens and the Hyundai brand sound.

4. May 2020

New client N26

why do birds welcomes the new client N26. N26 is a German direct bank that specializes in account management via smartphone. Our future work will primarily focus on motion design and animation. Twitter  Instagram  Facebook