Die Diagonale

Launch 2013  |  Service Concept, Design

ServiceConcept, Design

The conference format »Die Diagonale« sees itself as the link between business and the creative sector. It was developed in collaboration with students and colleagues at the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. The conference shows how the thinking approaches and working styles of these two sectors can be linked constructively. The target is to involve design directly in the innovation processes, and no longer treat it as a discipline that is subordinate to the development process. The conference shows the processes and structures in which design already plays a role, and discusses how these can be improved sustainably and inhibitions in everyday working life in companies can be overcome. In 2011 the first conference on Universal Design took place.

Diagonale_BildimTextFor the visual identity of this conference, we looked to the moiré effect for inspiration. Even though printers are normally careful to prevent this »flaw«, this time it was intentionally created. The 3D and motion effects it creates symbolize the fascinating confluence of several different disciplines.

  • Student design team: Daniela Gellner, Sven Gelhaus, Armin Unruh and Alice Rzezonka
  • HTW Berlin colleagues: Prof. Katrin Hinz, Prof. Birgit Weller, Prof. Andreas Ingerl