Oggetti Sonori

Launch 2010  |  Service Concept, realization

ServiceConcept, realization

In early 2010, the Museum August Kestner in Hannover planned an exhibition on the sound of objects, and brought the exhibition »Oggetti Sonori«, previously on visual and acoustic display at the Triennale in Milan, from Italy to Germany.

The exhibition was then expanded to include a German section, with a concept based on the existing exhibits. Alexander Wodrich was contracted as the curator and artist to compile this section of the exhibition.


Every day we are surrounded by sound. It’s omnipresent, accompanying us as we go about our daily business. And from the beginning of time, sound has given us orientation. Our ears enable us to take in sounds and acoustic signals and to recognize where they are coming from. Our brains process what we hear in a matter of milliseconds – information that our eyes cannot convey.

Product sounds also convey information; that’s what sound designers aim to perfect. Volume, duration, envelope, frequency, pitch and timbre become the relevant parameters for a design process. The mission of »Ogetti Sonori – Invisible Design« was to examine this invisible aspect of design, while sharpening our awareness of different qualities of sound and drawing our attention to their nuances.

The German section of the exhibition clustered sounds into acoustic families, traced their development over time, examined their function in digital devices, directed our focus to the virtual world, and showed us how we interact with sound, day in, day out.

Here you can see one of the exhibition films called »The Sounds of Silence«. Alexander Wodrich developed and produced it especially for this exhibition.