Understanding Branding

published 2015  |  Service Concept, Text, Design

ServiceConcept, Text, Design

Corporate design processes are complex; they seldom follow a plan outlined in a textbook.

The book »Understanding Branding« takes a modern, close-up look at the collaboration between clients and agencies, and the myriad aspects of a design process.

During a course project at the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, close cooperation with eight branding agencies in Germany afforded deeper understanding and examination of the design process, based on one concrete example each.

Renowned agencies that provided these valuable insights include MetaDesign, Strichpunkt, EdenSpiekermann, and Mucho. In this book the processes are compared in a way that is clear and easy to understand, and explained from a practical viewpoint. These practical examples are supplemented by general information on branding and the new challenges it faces.

Author: Prof. Daniela Hensel

Design: Romina Poschadel, Johanna Braunsch, David Jakob, Prof. Daniela Hensel